Hall Of Fame
Inaugural Class of 2015

The Original Pine Ridge Boys Quartet

Front Row: Darius Shuford (Pianist)
Back Row: Jim Stewart (Bass), Wayne Shuford (Tenor), Charles Burke (Baritone), Miles Cooper (Lead)


Wayne Shuford
Miles Cooper
Charles Burke
Jim Stewart
Darius Shuford

Also inducted as part of the Inaugural class
the oldest living member of the Pine Ridge Boys Quartet

Ned Wilder

Class of 2016

Farrell Henson
Charles Abee
Honorary Member - Ruby Skinner (Miss Ruby)

Class of 2017

CJ Burns
Honorary Member - Mark Cash


Class of 2018

Robert Belk Duane Rizzo
Honorary Member - Charlie Griffin


Class of 2019

Reece McKinney Jerome Bush
Honorary Members - Larry and Helen Smith


Class of 2020

Rex Smith
Honorary Member - Earl Outlaw Honorary Member - Mylon Hayes Family


Class of 2022

Everette Greene George Colley
Honorary Member - Eloise Stewart

Class of 2023

Rosielee Shuford (Wife of Wayne Shuford) Lonice Cooper (Wife of Miles Cooper)
Accepted by their daughter Cindy Cooper Wilson
Carolyn Burke (Wife of Charles Burke)

Jeanette Stewart (Wife of Jim Stewart)
Accepted by their son Larry Stewart and family

Sandra Shuford (Wife of Darius Shuford)
Accepted by Rosielee Shuford

Sara Wilder (Wife of Ned Wilder)

Larry Stewart

Anne Stewart (Honorary Member)