Jackson Smith - Baritone Singer 

At the age of thirteen, singing at his grandpa’s church in Forest City, NC, Jackson discovered his passion for serving God through music. Over the years, his love for music blossomed, leading him to sing and tour as a solo artist, spreading the gospel through song even before finishing high school. Whenever asked about his passion for singing, he states, "It's the call that God has placed on his life." This deep connection to music and his divine calling was evident when the Pine Ridge Boys Quartet first encountered Jackson. 

Since graduating from high school in 2023, Jackson has been nurturing his passion for singing and the southern gospel industry by reminiscing on the inspiring figures who have paved the way for him. He deeply admires Aaron Wilburn, noting, "He was a master at captivating an audience like no other, singing with genuine emotion and standing out as one of the greatest songwriters of all time." Inspired by this admiration and his own love for music, Jackson embarked on a journey honing his talents to serve his Lord's calling for his life. Presently, you may find him showcasing his piano skills at a concert or attending performances by his favorite artists, including: The Mylon Hays Family, The Inspirations, The Perrys, or The Kingsmen Quartet. He also enjoys connecting with many friends he has made during his travels. 

Supported by his parents, Jennifer and Bryan, and sister, Madison, he is eager for what the future holds and the opportunities the Lord has in store for the group!