Justin K. Owens - Tenor Singer 

Singing was always a significant part of Justin's upbringing. Reflecting on his past, he recalls Sundays filled with music. His dad leading the church choir, his grandma playing the piano, his aunt either singing or playing an instrument, and his great grandad, affectionately known as Poppie, strumming an acoustic guitar. Being surrounded by a musical family had a profound effect in Justin's early years. Eventually, he was handed a microphone, and with only his grandma's piano as accompaniment, he started singing in his own right. 

He continued until his parents' sudden separation in 1997 and unfortunately, did not return to singing in church until 2007. Reflecting on a moment in his past, he recalled attending a revival led by his great uncle in his childhood church. Feeling a spiritual pull, his great aunt sensed the urge to guide him to the altar but refrained. 

This experience left a deep impression on him, as he recalls the conviction of God working on his heart. During a time of personal struggle, Justin had his own prodigal moment realizing his desperate need for God in his life, he called out to God, seeking His mercy, acknowledging his unworthiness, rededicated his life to serving him. Despite not having sung since he was thirteen, he felt a strong calling to use his voice in worship and prayer to God. 

Singing has become a way for him to connect deeply with his faith and spend personal moments in communion with God, expressing his heart through music. Initially singing in church settings, he later joined a regional group from South Carolina in 2009 and joined the Pine Ridge Boys Quartet in 2024.