Larry Stewart - Bass Singer/Owner  

Southern Gospel Quartet life has been a significant part of Larry Stewart's journey since his early years. When Larry was just two years old, the original Pine Ridge Boys Quartet was formed. The original members included Larry’s father, Jim Stewart, Darius Shuford, Wayne Shuford, Charles Burke, and Miles Cooper. Larry grew up hearing his father sing bass until Jim’s retirement. Reflecting on those who have impacted his life, Larry states, “I can't single out one person as the most admirable. My wife would be the first. Her love and unwavering support mean everything to me. She is a Godly woman, devoted wife, mother, and an exceptional grandmother to our grandchildren. And then there's my father, Jim Stewart. Both Dad and God provided me with a second chance to sing the world's greatest music. My father will forever be one of my heroes.” 

Larry himself ventured into the world of Southern Gospel Music, beginning as a bus driver for the Singing Americans in 1988. In 1991, he became the bass singer for the group (he did still have to drive the bus) until their disbandment in 1994. Following this, Larry moved away from the Southern Gospel industry to drive entertainer buses then later secured a contract to drive for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Reflecting on his past, Larry shares a personal detail, mentioning that he used to have hair but emphasizes his gratitude for the second chances provided by God. Despite initially losing interest in singing after leaving Gospel Music, Larry recognized a divine calling in his life that changed his perspective. 

Today, while spreading the gospel through music, Larry enjoys watching sports, playing golf, or spending quality time with his wife Anne, children Josh, Kelly, Reagan, and Travis, and grandchildren Zach, Lanie, and Sadie.