Larry Stewart - Bass/Owner

Larry has been around Gospel Music since the day he was born. Many of you may be familiar with Larry’s dad, “Big Jim Stewart”, who sang bass for the Pine Ridge Boys from 1963 until 2012. As a matter of fact Miles Cooper, the original lead singer for the Pine Ridge Boys Quartet was at the hospital the day Larry was born, because October 9 is also his birthday.

Larry began singing at the age of 16 with the Golden Cords during his high school days. Moving to NC after graduation he later took a job driving the bus for the Singing Americans. He sang briefly with the Anchormen in 1990 before returning to the Singing Americans in 1991 to become the quartet’s manager and bass singer.

Leaving the Gospel Music industry totally Larry had various jobs beginning in the mid 90’s including driving an entertainer bus for various artist and celebrities, including the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). However in 2010 events began to happen that would lead into Gods plan for Larry to take over as owner/manager/bass singer for the Pine Ridge Boys, he is so excited to see where God leads the group in the upcoming years.

Larry will tell you he married his wife and best friend Anne, they have four children: Josh, Kelly, Reagan and Travis along with three grandchildren Zach, Lanie and Sadie.

The quartet is based out of Inman, SC where Larry and Anne make their home there. As a matter of fact, they live in the same house that Anne grew up in.