Matthew Benton - Lead Singer 

Growing up in a pastor's household, Matthew understood the essence of having faith and not just relying on what is visible. "My dad is not just my father, but also my pastor," he shares, "I've witnessed him navigate through the toughest challenges without ever losing faith in God. He's truly my inspiration." Matthew's fondness for southern gospel music blossomed during a family trip to Dollywood when he was thirteen. While listening to the Kingdom Heirs and thanks to encouragement from his father, Matthew discovered his love for southern gospel and gained a clearer sense of the path God had laid out for him.

After this fateful and life changing trip, Matthew embarked on a God guided journey to find his purpose. For more than four years, he traveled alongside his family, including his mom, Angie, and sister, Morgan, performing at revivals where his dad, Lee, preached. During this period, he also pursued a solo career before joining his first quartet in South Carolina.

Matthew became the lead singer for the Pine Ridge Boys in 2022, driven by a clear commitment of sharing the gospel. Reminiscent of his experience at Dollywood, Matthew explains, "I sing and share the gospel because of my love for the Lord. He gave me a voice to uplift believers and warn those who are lost. I am grateful that the Lord saved someone like me and blessed me with a loving and supportive family."